What is 'The Sculpt?'

time to liven up the competition.

Truth in sculpting

The Sculpt is a brand new competition meant to bring out the best new and emerging talents in the art of sculpting.


The Challenge: The sculptors will be creating something they have never seen before. They won't be creating items we're using to seeing like characters from the DC or Marvel Universe(s). 

We will be working directly with independent IP owners of comics and books that have not yet hit the "main stream", to bring new characters to life - straight from the pages of the books. 


Now that you know the idea, let's walk through the show format!

Rules, rules, rules, always rules - but ... for $1,000 bucks..

Actually, our set up is pretty simple. The contest will run each month, and in that month we will be supporting a new COTR (comic on the rise) Independent book(s) from the owners of the Intellectual property. So - here's how you can get started! 

Round 1 : Send us a video

The video should be no more than sixty seconds. Tell us who you are, when you started sculpting, and why you think you can win this contest. 

If the gods are with you and you can fit all that in , in a 60 second segment and have room for more - tell us something funny. Doesn't matter what.

Round 2 :
Submit sketch

Our judges are going to get dozens or more of video contestants. Once they're whittled down to the top 10, those contestants will be asked to submit their best digital or hand drawn sketch - based on the criteria they've been given. 

This sketch will be the basis for their final sculpt. Only five (5) contestants will make it through.

Round 3:
The sculpt

The top five contestants of every round must now produce the sculpt. Using the criteria set forth by the IP owners and judges, they will have one week to pull together their creative vision for the judges to review.

Finished, and polished to the best of their ability - the submissions must be in judges hands by assigned date. 

Then comes 

Our judges will independently, then together review and consult regarding the submission. 

The final vote tally will result in one sculptor winning $1000 and the episode trophy.

You didn't win this round? That's ok. There's another Episode coming up. read on...

But wait. There's more.

If you didn't make the cut for the first episode, you may be asked to participate in the next. We will have 11 regular season episodes and a total of 11 times a sculptor can win $1000 prize! 

At the end of the year, month 12 we will ask all 11 winners back to compete against one-another for a $10,000 prize! 

... the more

Winning sculptors will may have their sculpt adopted by the owners of the intellectual property. This means that sculptor may be awarded another cash prize based on sales! 

Meet the Judges

We have assembled the right team of judges to be able to review and award winners. Our Toy team of judges consists of a professional freelance sculptor who has created many sculptures for major companies, the phenomenal father and daughter Toy team of ToyQuest 101 and Cannon Doll-X the professional unboxer and Toy Reviewer for Diamond Select Toys. Together our four judges have seen it all.  Now, joined with the owner of the IP as the final judge, they will award a contestant $1000 & there's more!

Rocco Tartamella

The Professional Sculptor

Rocco Tartamella is a commercial sculptor with over 20 years of experience working with clients such as Hasbro, Jakks Pacific, The UpperDeck Company, Diamond Select Toys, McFarlane Toys, NECA, Mezco Toyz, Jazwares, Funko, Bowen Designs, Sideshow Toys, Little Caesar’s, Extreme Games, Castle Age, Artist’s Anatomy, The Bradford Group, Ashton Drake Gallery, The Hamilton Collection, NBC, A&E, Chic-Fil-A and numerous private commissions. Rocco specializes in sculpting full production series projects to create cohesive ongoing lines of products. Rocco’s work and models are currently being used in major movie production houses, digital animation and visual effects schools, home decor, and fine art museums.


Toyquest 101!

The Unboxing Dynamic Duo

ToyQuest101 is a father daughter duo with one of the biggest pop-culture review channels on youtube. They focus on Toy and statue reviews, celebrity guest interviews and live shows every week. There mission is to transform the lives of children with Autism and special needs worldwide and inspire the lives of children and families through there videos and there story. There vision is to bring awareness and promote a culture of acceptance where all kids with Autism and special needs can be empowered to do what they set their mind to and not feel that their disability becomes a road block to accomplishing their dreams and or wishes.

Natasha aka Cannon Doll-X is a content creator, actor, maker, writer, and veteran Roller Derby Athlete. She has a love for many fandoms and enjoys sharing them while creating and hosting content for major companies. Natasha has written, produced, and starred in shows including “Indie Edge” and “Talking Toys”, and is currently the host of “DST Unboxed”. You can find her sharing nerd news on “Previews World”, showing you what is hitting your local comic shop every week on “Toy Chest News” and “What’s at Comic Shops”. Cannon also loves MCing at Comic Cons hosting contests, guest panels and more. She is a dedicated gamer and is curating her own content on the Youtube Channel “Cannon Doll-X”, which features Interviews, event spotlights, unboxing reviews, live shows, and even blacksmithing. Yes, blacksmithing. .

Natasha Cannon Doll-X

Professional Content Creator

The Brothers 

Professional Comic Review team

After spending most of their lives reading comics and talking all things pop culture, The Brothers Boyd, Josh, Chris and Daniel sat down and decided to share their love of the comics and pop culture world with the masses. Hence the creation of the Brothers Boyd YouTube channel. 

Today our entire show will start with the brothers interviewing the owners of the independent intellectual property and mining them for information to get the contestants ready for what needs to get done!

Tony the toy rat

Talented and still unknown the emerging character of Tony the toy rat is delighting audiences with his brand of unboxing Action figure and Statue reviews. His antics have begun drawing crowds interested in seeing a silly yet knowledgeable old man having fun with toys. 


Tony will be your guide from team to team as each episode progresses, liaison between the judges , the interview team of the brothers boyd and our contestants. 


The Host of your show

The cast

What we're doing here is different. The work is based on things we haven't seen yet, and in this way - we're pushing the boundaries of imagination. 

Tony Mendez, 48

Season one planned episodes

Discover more about our extensive range of professional services. We constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with us – we will be more than happy to help.

Episode 1 : Flawless

based on the new book by Eisner award winner Chuck Brown called Flawed, our contestants will bring Gem Ezz and her city of Kafkaesque to life.  

"Brings forward a brutal tale of murder and revenge that leans into phycological warfare in a refreshing way." - ComicBook.com

Episode 2: The tomb

The Tomb of Baalberith is a collection of short horror stories centered around three terrifying monsters that wreak havoc in the name of their demon overlord, Baalberith. I came up with the idea originally as a homage to the old EC comics titles, Vault of Horror and Tales from the Crypt. Baalberith has developed some of its own unique roots stemming from those beloved horror stories. It's now six years later and I'm collaborating with a whole new crew of talent to create The Tomb of Baalberith V2! The Tomb of Baalberith V2 introduces some of the most vile horror creations that I've ever had the (un)fortunate displeasure to make acquaintances with. I've decided to reduce the length of the comic book from 48 to 32 glorious black & white pages, but they are as gruesome and eye-popping as ever!

Episode 3: The Destroyer

the biblical rapture had taken place. Darkness itself has been freed from its prolonged prison. Red has accepted his first mission and ventured out to the carry on Darkness's next order of galactic control.

The oracle warns the Nyxonian council about the dark and powerful duo. Will the Oracle help Red find himself again? Or will Red stay under Darkness' control and obliterate every unwilling soul in the multiverse. Find out in this exciting issue of Revagen!

Episode 4 - LUXURIOUS

The Art of Kirk Lindo 

Episode 5 - Combat Jacks

The synopsis of the story starts with the idea of a  marine squad with high tech weaponry sent to investigate the disappearance of prison terraformers on the new found planet of Maia. Because of the abundance of pumpkin-line vegetation on Maia, the planet was deemed habitable by the human race because of the oxygen the plants produced. And there lies the rub.... A venus fly trap if you will.

Sculptors will work with renowned comics colorist and Cosplay World founder, Jason Keith to bring the convention’s mascot to life!

Episode 7: 
GUNSHIP ThunderPunch

Gunship Thunderpunch Martians captured Nova Marcos’ son. Her only hope in getting him back lies with a convict, a gun-toting hillbilly, and a old transforming gunship. What she didn’t know is that this ship is alive…and not happy about being abandoned for 30 years. - from the mind of Brian Shearer!

Episode 8: 

From the creators of Junior High Horrors and Kung Fu Legume comes a heartfelt story that reminds you sometimes the grandest of stories happen in the tiniest of places. Mourning her mother's death, young Zoe Robertson is given a gift by her dad to always keep her mom close. However, as children do, she loses it down a sink drain. As she cries, her tears come to life-and ZOR is born. As ZOR travels to find the ring, he makes new friends, and must stop the evil Lady Hourglass. NOTE: All proceeds from Cover C will be donated to children's cancer research.

"Rob has truly come into his prime with this book. It's a magical adventure that has a tremendous amount of heart. Two thumbs up!" - Cliff Bleszinski (video game legend)

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